I love stories. Big stories. Little stories. How something came to be or where it will go next. All of it.
As a kid, I remember watching the Discovery Channel with my dad. I loved being transported across the world to learn about one specific animal, person, or environment. I was impressed that so much effort and attention could be invested into making something ‘normal’ seem so extraordinary.
As a creative, I keep the same ethos:
Every story deserves its spotlight. Never overlook the small things.
Over my decade long career, I’ve been thrilled to work on documentaries, branded content, commercials, social campaigns, and photoshoots. Whether by curiosity or necessity, I became a jack-of-all-trades working as a cinematographer, editor, photographer, producer, director, audio producer, motion graphic artist, and drone pilot. I’ve operated as a one-man-band, worked in teams, and managed crews and post-production teams.

“Sure sure, that all sounds nice, but who is Tom?”

Well, thank you for asking! Here’s some fun facts:
-Once upon a time, I was a semi-pro musician.
-If I won the lottery, too much money would be spent on Legos and vinyl records.
-My dream car is a restored 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser.
-My goldendoodle Pepper has me wrapped around her little paw.
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